Posted: March 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, it is just after the opening weekend of “The Hunger Games”, the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ mega selling young adult dystopian trilogy and the world was DEFINITELY watching. With a worldwide gross of over 200 million in just a little over three days, the film has not only managed to reel in both casual movie goers and hard core fans but has also garnered a reasonable amount of positive critical acclaim.  But how does the film stand up to our critical eye??

Join us for a mega-sized episode where we welcome back Ricky D of Sound on Sight to talk about the world of The Hunger Games and how the craft of director Gary Ross’ vision holds up on screen.  Again, we would love to get your feedback, please feel free to leave us your comments on the blog, or e-mail us at and take a second to rate and review our podcast on iTunes.  Thanks for listening all!


Total run time: 1:45:23

File Size: 24.3 MB


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