Welcome to ZeroPretension: the podcast dedicated to all things film and popular culture, and we do mean ALL things.

Hosts Greg Ashman, and Shawn Keown will be bringing you a bi-weekly showcase of all things cool. From films and video releases, TV shows, video games, to comic books, we will be addressing a huge variety of media. We also vow to look at many different types of media; whether it be B movie SciFi and Action or the A list Block Buster; we will cover it all. Trust us when we say that the films and movie releases that we are talking about can either be found at your local movie theater or video store. The art house is DEAD (sorry CriticalMassCast). LONG LIVE main stream media. Plus we are not above the wheeling and dealing of the rumor mill, the mudslinging of the classic roast, or the blatant hero-worship of a fan boy… welcome to ZeroPretension.

Each episode will be featured on our website as both a download link and a built-in streaming media player, so you can listen to us any way you like. We also have our podcasts on iTunes and Podcast Alley, so be sure to subscribe for all the latest from ZeroPretension.

And be sure to follow @zeropretension on Twitter! We’ll keep you updated on which films to see, what shows to watch, and anything else that strikes our twitter fancy.

So this is us … getting off the soap box. Grab the popcorn … it is time for your Feature Presentation … ZeroPretension.


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